Alex Holzwarth

  • InstrumentDrums
  • Place of birthLandshut (Germany)
  • EquipmentPEARL Drums, ZILDJIAN Cymbals, ZILDJIAN Drumsticks
  • FAVOURITE BANDS/ARTISTSDeftones, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Rush, Exodus, Gary Moore, Muse, Thin Lizzy, George Michael, Limp Bizkit, Nasty Savage
  • FAVOURITE ALBUMSDiamond Eyes (Deftones), Simulation Theory (Muse), Bloodlust (Body Count), Too Fast For Love (Mötley Crüe), Older (George Michael), Gold Cobra (Limp Bizkit), Psycho Psycho (Nasty Savage), Metal Church (Metal Church), If You Can’t Stand The Heat (Status Quo), In Trance (Scorpions)
  • HOBBIES AND PASSIONSFamily, plants, animals, movies, music and powernapping!
  • CURIOSITIES, WORDS AND THOUGHTSWhen Alex is not on Tour or in the studio, his passion is to hold double-bass classes in Munich’s drummer’s focus. Alex says: “It’s so inspiring for me to work with great drummers and to help them discover the „Ultra-Balance-Technik“ which is just one part out of the „Double-Bass-First“ workout concept developed since 20 Years to be able to take the modern challenge and to learn how to play even better than programmed drums. We beat the machines! How great is that?”